In late 2022, Remedy Entertainment took everyone by surprise with the unexpected announcement of a sequel to its hit paranormal shooter, Control. What was truly astonishing wasn’t the fact that a follow-up was in development, but rather the low-key manner in which Remedy chose to unveil this exciting news. Join us as we dive into everything we’ve managed to unearth about Control 2.

Control 2 System Requirements PC Specs

Control 2 System Requirements(Minimum)

OS: Win 10 (64-bit) or Higher
CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz or Ryzen 5-7535HS 3.3GHz
GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 580
DISK SPACE: 50 GB Free Space

Control 2 System Requirements (Recommimded)

OS: Win 10 (64-bit) or Higher
CPU: Intel Core i7-6900K 3.2GHz or Ryzen 7-6800H 3.2GHz
GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT
DISK SPACE: 50 GB Free Space

Control 2’s Unveiling: November 11, 2022

On November 11, 2022, Remedy dropped a bombshell by revealing that they were indeed working on Control 2. This revelation came in the form of an announcement detailing the game’s publishing and development structure, shedding light on what fans could anticipate.

Control 2 Release Date And System Requirements

Control 2 Release Date

While the announcement lacked concrete details regarding the release date, game director Mikael Kasurinen hinted at the extended timeline for the game’s development. He emphasized that the project was still in its infancy and stated, “It’ll take a while.” This suggests that Control 2 may not grace our screens until late 2025 or possibly later. Brace yourselves for a patiently awaited sequel.

As of now, Remedy Entertainment has refrained from providing a definitive launch window. However, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to speculate that Control 2 might see the light of day in 2026. With Remedy currently focused on their imminent release of Alan Wake 2 and other ongoing projects, the wait for Control 2 is likely to be prolonged. Fans might have to exercise their patience before catching a glimpse of teasers or trailers.

Control 2 Platforms

Remedy’s announcement regarding Control 2’s development was crystal clear when it came to the game’s intended platforms. The sequel is being crafted exclusively for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Notably, there are no plans for development on the older Xbox One or PS4 consoles. This choice is rational, considering the visual spectacle that Control offered on previous-generation hardware. With Control 2, expect the boundaries of visual excellence to be pushed even further.

Control 2 Release Date And System Requirements

Control 2 Story: A Closer Tie-In with Alan Wake?

The narrative of the original Control revolved around Jesse Faden, a character embroiled in a convoluted and eerie tale. She arrives at the Federal Bureau of Control, a U.S. agency specializing in paranormal investigations, only to find it under the influence of the enigmatic Hiss—a force capable of possessing and manipulating minds.

As the game progresses, the supernatural elements escalate, and Jesse gains increasingly extraordinary abilities. Control concludes with Jesse assuming the role of the FBC’s Director, with the Hiss still posing a threat. However, the post-launch DLC, AWE, introduced Alan Wake, a character from Remedy’s action-horror franchise, effectively intertwining the two universes. With Alan Wake 2 also in development, it raises questions about Remedy’s intentions to establish a shared narrative across these two upcoming sequels.

While details about Control 2’s story remain elusive, the possibility of a more profound connection with Alan Wake is certainly within the realm of speculation.

Control 2 Gameplay: Building on the Foundation

Drawing from the first game, Control 2’s gameplay is expected to expand on the foundations laid by its predecessor. Starting as a simple third-person shooter, Control quickly evolved into something more extraordinary. Players gained a host of powers, from telekinetically manipulating objects and hurling them at adversaries to eventually achieving the ability to soar through levels. The fusion of shooting mechanics with physics-based powers was executed brilliantly and flowed seamlessly.

Control 2 Release Date And System Requirements

With Control 2 on the horizon, we can anticipate an even more action-packed and diverse range of gameplay options, building upon the solid framework established in the original game. Prepare for a thrilling continuation of Jesse Faden’s paranormal journey.

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