Clock Tower System Requirements (Minimum)

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Clock Tower Release Date And platform

Developer: Human Entertainment
Publisher: Human Entertainment
Series: Clock Tower
Platform: Super Famicom,PlayStation,Windows,WonderSwan,PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5,Nintendo Switch,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S
Release: Q1 2024
Genre: Survival horror, point-and-click adventure
Mode: Single-player

The narrative centers around Jennifer Simpson, an orphan adopted by the enigmatic Barrows family and several other orphaned girls. Their journey turns sinister when one of the children falls victim to a relentless stalker known as Scissorman. As Jennifer, players must navigate the ominous Barrows Mansion, striving to escape while evading the clutches of the menacing Scissorman. The game unfolds in multiple directions, offering players a variety of chilling endings.

Clock Tower System Requirements

“Clock Tower” embraces a point-and-click interface, manipulating a cursor and allowing players to control Jennifer’s actions. The game’s plot and artistic style draw significant inspiration from the macabre works of Italian horror film director Dario Argento, particularly his film “Phenomena” (1985). Director Hifumi Kono was deeply influenced by such horror cinema and aimed to infuse the game with a similarly eerie ambiance. Strikingly, many of the game’s character graphics were crafted from real-life photographs. At the same time, Jennifer’s movements were meticulously choreographed by a Human planning division member, who acted out each scene. Her design drew inspiration from Jennifer Connelly’s character in “Phenomena.”

Upon its release, “Clock Tower” garnered significant success, later receiving an updated version titled “Clock Tower: The First Fear,” which was ported to the PlayStation, WonderSwan, and Windows platforms. Although it never officially ventured beyond Japanese borders, fan translations have allowed global audiences to experience its haunting world. In retrospective reviews, “Clock Tower” has earned praise for its spine-tingling atmosphere while facing criticism for its occasionally tedious puzzles and exploration. It is a seminal influence on horror gaming, pioneering the survival horror genre.

In exciting news for fans, an enhanced port of this classic game is slated for an early 2024 release, promising to introduce a new generation to the terror that is “Clock Tower.”

In “Clock Tower,” players navigate a world of 2D graphics, utilizing a cursor to guide Jennifer Simpson through her ominous journey. Commands, such as investigating objects and opening doors, are issued via this cursor. Jennifer can walk or run, although running depletes her stamina, which can be restored by sitting down. Her character portrait in the corner of the screen reflects her stamina level. Items collected can be stored in her inventory for later use, with the layout of these items changing with each playthrough.

Clock Tower System Requirements

The game keeps players on edge as Jennifer is relentlessly pursued by her sinister stalker, Scissorman. When Jennifer faces Scissorman, the game shifts into “panic mode.” Depending on Jennifer’s health, she may stumble, slow down, or meet a grim fate. Jennifer has no means to fight Scissorman directly; players must seek hiding spots within the mansion or utilize traps scattered throughout the environment.

If caught, players can make a frantic button-pressing effort to escape. Jennifer’s demise spells a game over, with an option to continue the harrowing journey. With nine possible endings, “Clock Tower” ensures a spine-chilling and replayable experience that has left a lasting mark on the survival horror genre.

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