Chicken Police: Paint It Red system requirements (Minimum)

OS: Wind 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intle Dual Core 3.2ghz
GRAPHIC CARD: Intel HD 3000 GPU / AMD HD 5450
DISK SPACE: 5 GB Free Space

Chicken Police: Paint It Red Release Date And Platform

Developer: The Wild Gentlemen
Publisher: HandyGames
Engine: Unity
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Release: 2024 For Window
Genre: Point-and-click adventure
Mode: Single-player

Chicken Police: Paint it RED!" is a captivating point-and-click adventure brought to life by The Wild Gentlemen. Released in 2020 across multiple platforms by HandyGames, this game transports players to a city teeming with anthropomorphic animals, where they step into the shoes of a world-weary cop.

In this extraordinary world, the sequel “Into the HIVE!” is set to make its debut in 2024, exclusively on Windows, courtesy of Joystick Ventures. Building on the events of its predecessor, the game promises a new chapter in the lives of Sonny and Marty as they embark on another gripping case.

Chicken Police: Paint It Red Gameplay

Chicken Police" unfolds in an alternate reality, a realm inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures bearing human-like bodies with animal heads. The protagonist, Sonny Featherland, is a once-celebrated hero with the distinctive head of a rooster. However, life’s twists and turns have led him down a dark path of alcoholism and estrangement from his former partner, Marty MacChicken.

Chicken Police Paint It Red system requirements

The narrative kicks off when a distressed woman seeks Sonny’s help, prompting a reluctant reunion between him and Marty. Together, they take on a final case before Sonny’s impending retirement. The game draws inspiration from the captivating film noir genre of the 1940s, creating a stylish, monochrome world where subtle splashes of color are used to accentuate key elements.

As players navigate this intriguing world, they’ll be tasked with gathering clues, interviewing suspects, and eventually conducting interrogations. The success of these interrogations is determined by engaging in a minigame. Armed with knowledge of each suspect’s unique personality quirks, players must carefully select their questions to exploit these traits. An ill-judged approach can limit dialogue options and restrict the amount of background story players uncover, but fear not, it won’t leave the game in an unwinnable state.

“Chicken Police: Paint it RED!” promises an immersive and engaging gaming experience, inviting players to unravel mysteries, confront their past, and explore a unique world filled with anthropomorphic intrigue.

Can I Run Chicken Police: Paint It Red

To enjoy the world of “Chicken Police - Paint it RED!” on your computer, you’ll need to make sure your hardware meets some specific requirements. Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll need:

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of an Intel Dual Core 3.2GHz CPU is essential to get the game up and running.
  • For a smoother gaming experience, it’s recommended to have an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.


  • You’ll want to have at least 4 GB of RAM installed on your computer to handle the game.


  • On the graphics front, if you have an Intel HD 3000 GPU or an AMD HD 5450 graphics card, you’re good to go.


  • Ensure you have a minimum of 5 GB of free disk space available for the installation of “Chicken Police - Paint it RED!”

Operating System:

  • “Chicken Police” is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and newer versions. There’s also a Mac version available for Apple enthusiasts.

If you’re thinking about boosting your setup for an even better gaming experience, we’ve got you covered. Our user-friendly Chicken Police setup guides are designed to help you discover the best and most affordable hardware upgrades. You can easily filter for comparisons of graphics cards and CPUs to find the perfect gear that matches your budget and enhances your gaming experience. So, whether you’re just meeting the minimum requirements or aiming for top-notch performance, we’ll assist you in finding the ideal hardware to run “Chicken Police - Paint it RED!” smoothly.

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